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Mary Orji is a tenor saxophonist who has been honing her skills for the last 15 years of her life. She has been mentored by greats such as;  Al Hamme, Mike Carbone, George Garzone, Edmar Colon, Barbara Gannon, and Jackie Beard. Making her into a versatile saxophonist, flutist and cellist. Her saxophone being her main voice she plays all styles, from RNB, Funk, Avant-Garde, Jazz, classical and Rock Music. She has been apart of many bands that have helped shape her trajectory as an artist such as Maya & Ben, Toria, Mackenzie Day just to name a few. Mary has also  played at the House of Blues for All The Feels Fest for more than 4 times doing solo saxophone RNB  sets for crowds of 3000 people and has been apart of wedding band groups such as Soul Of Boston and Aragon Dragons playing top Pop 100 songs. Mary continues to work hard on her skills as an instrumentalist to hear more look at videos below and on streaming platforms above. 

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 Mary Orji has been writing poetry and rhyming rhythms to beats forever she recalls. This is one thing that comes natural to her and is her means of expression. Her natural ability to speak her soul through words comes from her profound love of poetry, and being an avid reader. She has with her career, been able to use it in her music and also have been comissioned to write raps and poems  for fashion show plays, other artists and projects for others. 


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